Flu Season and Chinese Medicine

Flu season came early to the Portland region and it is a bad one. Every year we treat people for colds and flus using acupuncture and Chinese herbs, as well as other modalities like moxa and cupping. Here are some answers to questions we frequently get asked about cold/flu season.

1. I feel sick. Should I come in for acupuncture? If you feel well enough to leave the house, come on in. We can treat  you and often help you recover more quickly, as well as reduce the severity of symptoms. If you don’t feel well enough, stay at home and rest.

2. I’m getting over a cold. Should I still keep my appointment? Yes. Acupuncture at this point can help with the recovery as well as help with getting your immune system back on track.

3. I get sick a lot. Can acupuncture help? Yes. We use both acupuncture and Chinese herbs to boost the immune system when a person isn’t ill (or before allergy season) as well as to fight the symptoms of an illness when a person is ill (or suffering from allergies). Since we treat each illness as individual events, we can really tailor the treatment to the patient. It is a very effective strategy.

More questions? Give us a call, send us an email, set up a free consultation, make an appointment. The choice is yours!