From the mouths of babes (via the mom:)

Being a part of a patient’s pregnancy, whether before it begins, during, or as it nears the final days, is an honor and a privilege. Here is what a recent pregnant Mom had to say about getting treatment with Mia at Montavilla Community Acupuncture in the final days of  her pregnancy as she sought to avoid medical interventions.

Hi Mia!
I’ve been meaning to check in! My contractions picked up steam shortly after my Fri session, we left for the hospital at 2 & I delivered at 4:30pm. …(my baby)…, 7 lbs, 12 oz. Overall, my delivery was really positive. While painful as he@# (which is to be expected), I was able to deliver naturally, quickly and safely. As a result, I can remember every moment and have much less recovery this time around. (I am physically right now where I was about a month in with my daughter.) Thanks SO much for your help and support!
Take care!

Not surprisingly, these words made my day.