Fertility/Women’s Health

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are often used to address health issues concerning women, including issues surrounding the menses cycle and fertility. Studies have shown that using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can boost fertility, improve IVF success rates, help with pregnancy-related health concerns, treat cycle-related disorders and so on.

Patient’s words

I was drawn to Montavilla Community Acupunture because of the convenient location and affordable care.  I was interested in acupunture as a means of supporting not only overall wellness but specifically my fertility as I had been trying to get pregnant for some time and I hoped that acupuncture with Mia would be a good balance for the treatments I was under going at my fertility clinic.  What I ended up gaining from my sessions with Mia was so much more than just acupuncture: she provided a wonderful calming presence, caring and thoughtful feedback and all the support I needed as I worked to improve my health and fertility.  I always looked forward to my sessions with Mia – and found them to be integral to the success of my journey toward conception and a wonderful way to feel relaxed and supported throughout my pregnancy.  My husband and friends have also felt great benefit from their sessions with Mia – I would definitely recommend her services to anyone, whether for a specific ailment or issue – or just for overall health and relaxation. EH, SE Portland
After over five years of TTC and being diagnosed with unexplained infertility I started weekly acupuncture. In less than a year I had my first positive pregnancy test and am now about to have my first child. At age 38 I thought I would end up adopting or trying IVF, acupuncture has not only helped me conceive but has made the pregnancy very comfortable with minimal symptoms. I thank Mia for her wonderful skills and positive energy in getting me where I am today.  
HS, NE Portland