“After 18 years of taking hormones and vicodin to control my ‘drop-to-your-knees’ painful menstrual cramps, I tried acupuncture.  John treated me for 3 weeks and for the first time in my life I didn’t need to take any pain medication at all.  John is an amzaing healer and I am fortunate to have met him!” – OJ, Veterinary Technician


“Over the years Mia has treated me for headaches, anxiety, dizziness, body pain (back, neck and wrist), irregular periods, irregular sleep, allergies and common colds. I always leave every treatment feeling better than when I came in and have great trust and faith in her skills in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I would recommend her for anyone wanting to try acupuncture and Chinese Medicine!” LP, of SE Portland

“In my late 20s, I had my third knee surgery for ‘bone-on-bone’ arthritis. 20 years later the pain still prevented me from getting a full night’s rest. When John treated me I got immediate relief that lasted for weeks – and I could resume my favorite sport, snowboarding, with occasional ‘tune ups’ from John. JK, a Certified Family Practitioner

“I look forward to my appointments with Mia and have been going to her regularly for acupuncture and shiatsu for a couple of years. I had never tried acupuncture before meeting Mia and was a little apprehensive at first… but she made me feel very much at ease. She takes the time to really get to know her patients and is professional, kind and very knowledgeable in her field. Treatments with Mia are very comfortable and relaxing, and never feel rushed. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caring and highly competent practitioner of Oriental medicine.” DN, of NE Portland


“My sciatic pain was 90% gone after one treatment, totally gone after two.  Also, John prescribed Chinese herbs for my chronic sinus congestion — they worked, too.  And the day after one of his treatments, I happened to go to the doctor (for another issue), and she found that my blood pressure had gone down 20 points.” – CK, truck driver


“I firmly believe that acupuncture has greatly improved my condition. Mia‘s consultations and evaluations during each visit have educated me, allowed me to become more in tune with myself, understand some of the root causes of my condition and improve my health through taking a proactive role in my lifestyle. Acupuncture has also afforded me the opportunity to reconsider the Western approach to health care and our typical relationships with health care practitioners. I am grateful for Mia—a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner that takes the time to understand the individual needs of her patients and works with them towards a better life.” DD, age 36, of Portland

“Mia’s care after my biking accident was instrumental in my recovery. With the support of acupuncture, I was immediately able to sleep better, feel muscle relief where there once were spasms, and set the foundation for a full and healthy recovery. ” – GJ, Portland